Glenn Bozar For Upland Mayor 

​​you, the taxpayers. To help keep our City safe, I supported and approved the hiring of four additional police officers and technicians funding them through internal cost savings, NOT new taxes. I supported and approved the Fiscal Responsibility Ordinance ensuring long term budget stability.

As your current Councilmember and Mayor pro tem,  I have successfully worked for more accountability, financial stability and transparency within our City. All my actions and decisions are made in the financial interest of   

As Chairman of the Finance Committee, I believe that when revenues are effectively managed, the $44 million in revenues the City receives can and should provide the services our City requires without raising taxes.  Current issues regarding balancing the budget, business growth, public safety, marijuana, trees, and the homeless will be major priorities for me as Mayor. 

When first elected to the City Council, the Daily Bulletin reported, “Clearly this is not a guy who goes along with City Hall, but one who will do his homework and come down on the side of the City’s residents.”

Upland currently has short term and longer term budget challenges.  Much of this can be attributed to a slowly improving economic condition. The real culprit has been the mismanagement of revenues and expenditures.
  We need to provide a reasonable balance of services with available funds and continue to increase our tax revenue through economic development and not through taxpayer tax increases.

I bring extensive corporate operational management experience to the Mayor’s position.  As a former logistics leader of a major global corporation where I was responsible
 for multi-million dollar budgets, staffing and contract administration, I know the details of the budgeting process and contract administration. 

Being your Mayor Pro Tem, has prepared me to immediately take the leadership role and to work with the City Manager and the Councilmembers in resolving Upland’s many challenges.

I intend to use my business management experience to develop solutions to the problems we are facing so the City of Gracious Living we love can move forward.

As your Mayor, I will continue to be your TAXPAYER ADVOCATE and CITY WATCHDOG to ensure the City lives within its means, yet provides the services and quality of life you demand.