• Business Growth – Building a strong and financially viable city requires businesses of all sizes to succeed. Policies and procedures need to be streamlined to encourage new businesses to locate in Upland as well as to maintain existing businesses.

  • Public Safety – The Police and the Fire departments account for 60 percent of the city’s expenditures and are essential services provided for the well-being of the residents.  A priority will be to analyze spending to provide a reasonable balance of services with funds available. I voted to add four police officers and four technicians without raising taxes.

  • Marijuana - I co-wrote the ballot argument and the rebuttal against Measure U, the proposed  medical marijuana dispensary monopoly adjacent to the strip club at Foothill Blvd. and Central Ave.  I will vote to approve the ordinance banning marijuana as do neighboring cities because of the negative impact of crime, blight, and homeless population they attract.  You don't want a marijuana grow house next to your home or in your neighborhood.

  • Streets - We need to better manage the $8-$9 million in gas tax/Measure I funds to ensure needed repairs are performed cost effectively.  Many of our streets are in dire need of repair. It would be one of my goals to reduce reliance on consulting fees and to obtain economies of scale when contracting with contractors in order to reduce costs and allow for more streets to be repaired. 

  • Trees - Euclid Avenue is one of the most beautiful tree-lined streets n the country. These trees along with the rest of Upland's urban forest must be properly maintained. Our Street Tree Advisory Committee comprised of Upland residents with arborist and landscaping experience will provide guidance to Council on best management practices.

  • Homeless - This is a local, county and state issue requiring coordination to provide a hand up to those who want help.  The City needs the County's and State's assistance to provide services for those with mental and substance abuse problems. As a volunteer for Bridges to Home Homeless ministry at St. Anthony's church, I help those who want help starting a new life of independence.  I will work with County and State agencies to get help for those in need.

Some of the Issues Upland faces:

  • Balance Budget - I will continue to use my business management experience to perform the necessary independent financial analysis needed to maintain a fiscally-sound budget

Glenn Bozar For Upland Mayor