• Voted for the Fiscal Responsibility Ordinance to bring transparency and fiscal discipline to the budgeting process

  • Voted to add four police officers and four technicians without raising taxes

  • Voted for the new citywide computer software allowing for better control of revenues and expenditures with greater transparency

  • Initiated purchase of financial analysis software providing the ability to perform five year budget projections

  •  Initiated the actuarial study of CalPERS pension liabilities to be used in the budgeting process

  •  Voted against the Upland Fire Department and Montclair Fire Department merger agreement because it has no financial benefit to Upland residents and actually increased operating costs

  • Voted against a no bid $50 million trash contract 

  • Acting as my own attorney, I received a judgment in Superior Court declaring the paramedic fee an illegal tax violating the CA Constitution requiring voter approval of taxes. The paramedic service continues today without collecting $520,000 in illegal fees. (2005)

  •  As Chairman of the Upland Taxpayers Association, I led the overwhelming voter defeat of the City Utility Tax ballot measure that would have added 4.25% to your utility bills saving residents over $3.25 million a year. (2000)

  •  Filed legal action with representation by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association challenging an illegal storm drain fee violating the CA Constitution requiring voter approval of taxes.  This led to a voter repeal of the fee saving residents $700,000 a year. (1998)


I have developed a track record during my current  tenure as your Mayor pro tem to hold the City accountable and to protect you the taxpayer.

Glenn Bozar For Upland Mayor